Monday, February 9, 2009

Back that baby train up

So Sara Beth is now crawling, for certain definitions of "crawling."  She can hold herself up on her hands and knees, and rock back and forth.  And she can also push herself in a direction.  It just so happens that that direction does not happen to be forwards.  

Sara Beth can entertain herself a lot more easily now.  I placed her in the middle in the play room and didn't bring toys to her.  Instead, she rolls and schooched her way to a toy.  She picket it up, played with it for a while, and then when she got bored with it, she set it down and moved over to the next toy.  I did have to help her get a plastic toy train set from the shelf.  While SaraB is mobile, I do worry when she gets close to hard objects like the shelf.  She does have a tendency to bonk her head.  But she was fine with being moved to a safer location in the middle of the room to play with her train.  I'd put good money down that by next Monday's update, I will be extolling Sara Beth's crawling abilities.

Here Sara Beth is chllin in my friend Jon's hat.

Sara Beth loves drinking from our cups.  And now she learning to actually consume the liquid instead of just putting her lips on the cup and dribbling any water that actually got in her mouth back out onto her shirt.  Also, take note that when she concentrates real hard, she will clench her hand into fists.  

It was another gorgeous weekend.  We had the doors and windows open, and Sara Beth got to play at the park.  She is wearing a size 12 month dress, and wearing it quite well.  We will probably need to start looking for 18 month clothes, but Heather wants to wait till the stores are offering more summery style clothes.

In this final picture for the week,  if you click on it to bring up the larger version, you can see her bottom teeth.  Oh, and she is demonstrating her ability to multi-task, pulling off her socks while rolling around.


Melissa said...

I love your blogging., keep it up!

Melissa said...

Heather, Diane was awesome, thank you soooo much!

Jenn said...

She's so precious. I love reading your updates about your beautiful girl!!!