Monday, February 16, 2009

The tooth deamons

Our little Sara Beth's upper two teeth are beginning to come in and they are causing more trouble than the bottom two.  She doesn't want to eat much.  She acts more fussy.  She certainly doesn't want to take naps.  But, on the upside, she does want to be snuggled more.  

  For a while she went on an oatmeal strike; more oatmeal got on her face than in her mouth as she deftly dodged the incoming spoon.  A cease fire was called after two days, and she has begun to eat her morning food again.

Heather wanted to point out that she does not like our camera.  Sara Beth was reaching up for the top of the table and making attempts to pull herself up, but by the time the camera started to work, she had given up on that and had moved on to playing with the table legs instead.

There is debate over whether SaraB is now crawling or not.  I say that any intentional forward progress constitutes as crawling.  Heather wants to use the more strict definition requiring the use of hands and knees to propel the baby forward.  So by my definition, Sara Beth was crawling around the living room trying to catch our cat Little Bit.  By Heather's definition, Sara Beth was propelling herself across the living room in a fashion very similar to crawling, but not actually crawling.  I think my sentence rolls of the tongue easier.  SaraB will roll over her elbow on one side, as in the below picture, instead of using both hands.  In any case, she is now gaining mobility, and the cats will soon have to sleep with one eye open.

For Valentine's day, one of our neighbors brought over a heart shaped balloon for Sara Beth to play with.  She was able to pull the balloon's string down in order to get at the shiny red part and has had loads of fun playing with it for the past couple of days.  I enjoy watching her with it, but also watching the cats as the circle around Sara Beth and her shiny floating cat toy.  Whenever thy get the chance, they will run up and start playing with the string as well.

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---jen said...

I can't believe how big she's gotten! :)