Monday, April 13, 2009

Party like it's Easter

This week was full of Easter activities.  Heather took Sara Beth out to a field and took pictures of her in her Easter dress surrounded by blue bonnets.  Sara Beth wanted to pick the flowers.  Heather explained that it was illegal to pick the state flower of Texas, and that if she had an issue with that then Sara Beth needed to take it up with the state government.  Sara Beth didn't care and wanted to eat the blue flowers.  It didn't end well.  Heather and Sara Beth spent over half an hour trying to take pictures, and only a handful turned out.  It didn't help that our camera now has a lens cover that will occasionally stick.  That is why the upper left of the below picture is all dark.

On Saturday, Heather took Sara Beth to the book store.  The mouse from the book "If you give a mouse a cookie" was there to take pictures and stuff.  Sara Beth absolutely loved it.  She pulled the whiskers and stared at it the whole time she was there.

For Easter, Sara Beth got her first Easter Basket.  Heather had found some books, including one on the true meaning of Easter, but SaraB was more interested in the sand toys that she got for her trip to the beach this summer.  She picked each piece up, one at a time to examine.  She is getting more dexterous and was able to pick up the toys and examine them using just her right hand, which is good, considering she had a death grip on her snack container in her left hand, and was not going to let go of that for anything.

A couple weeks ago, I predicted that Sara Beth would take a while to successfully pull herself into a standing position.  I was wrong.  Not only can she pull herself up, but she also has a tendency to balance on her toes. 

Here is another shot of her after she pulled herself up, this time on a book container.  She can now dig through the books to pull out the ones that make noise.

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Melissa said...

I have a one word comment, "Sweet."