Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stupid Camera

She is working on growing two more teeth, so for a majority of this week she has been teary eyed and snot nosed, with copious amounts of drool streaming from her mouth.  So she has not been rather photogenic this week.  And of course, the one day that Heather takes Sara Beth to the park, our camera starts to act up.  Below is the one picture that was actually recorded this week, but Heather talks about quite a few other ones that were really good, if only the camera would have snapped the picture instead of shutting itself down.

Sara Beth has realized that we clap when she does something good. So now, any time that she hears anyone clapping, she looks at whomever is doing the clapping with a proud look on her face and will start to clap for herself too.  SaraB and I will start clapping contests.  I will start clapping.  Then she claps.  Then I clap out a musical beat.  She gets a wide eyed look on her face and tries to imitate the pattern. If only I had a picture to go along with this... sigh.

Cheese sticks are now Sara Beth's favorite food.  Or yogurt, or blue berries, or garbanzo beans.  She eats most things we put in front of her.  She actually likes eating food too much some times, as she will stuff as much as possible into her mouth, chipmunk style, until she starts gagging.  She will then drop half of the food from her mouth onto her tray (or the floor), swallow the remaining amount, and then start cramming more food in her mouth.  Each time she starts to gag we get ready to pull her out of her high chair to preform CPR in case she really is choking.  So far, they have all been false alarms. I have tried to tell Sara Beth the story about the "Boy who cried wolf" and that it has a moral to it.  So far, she hasn't caught on.

Sooner rather than later we will really get a new camera, preferably one that is able to preform tasks like taking pictures.

Also, we are taking Sara Beth up to Wisconsin in a couple of weeks, and would appreciate suggestions on things to do to make the plane flight as comfortable for every one as possible.  


The BushHerd said...

Peter what is snoot? and clapp?? LOL!!

Plane trip = Benadryl!

Siewert Family said...

Spelling errors have been corrected, however the tone in your comment will not be tolerated. Further snorky comments by you will be ignored. :)

Melissa said...

flight...give her something to suck on when you are taking off. It helps when the ears pop....pacifier works well if you have one. Motrin as an anti-inflammatory if ears hurt.

Peter, again, I love reading your blogs, you always make me smile! Camera; Kodak easy share....great pics, easy to use; and relatively inexpensive.