Monday, May 4, 2009

Hurricane Sara

With her newfound powers of mobility, Sara Beth can now get into all sorts of messes, leaving a trail of mess and destruction behind her.  She can now easily pull herself up and will pull all the magnetic pieces of her "Fridge Farm" off the dish washer.  Then once that is complete, she will go over to the refrigerator and begin removing all the magnetic letters from there as well.

In addition, she loves to make other messes as well.  It has been raining quite heavily this past week, which has meant the spring time weather has hung around.  To take advantage of this, we will generally leave the back door open in the evenings and let the cool air blow in from the patio.  However, the torrential rain also creates mud out of the dust in the air.  

I come home this evening to find Sara Beth happily playing around the living room in only her diaper.  The patio door had been open like normal.  The phone rang, and so Heather went to answer it.  As soon as Heather's back was turned, Sara Beth took advantage of the situation and bolted for the open door.  By the time Heather turned around, the munchkin sprinter had made it out the door and was frolicking in the puddle that had formed from last night's rain. The pants and shirt soaked up the dirty water quite well.  After dinner, since she had only a diaper on, I took her out into the back yard to the real mud puddles.  You know your kid is dirty when crawling through the wet grass actually has a cleaning affect.  Needless to say, she took a bath before going to bed.

Sara beth went in for her 9 month checkup today.  The nurses measured her at 30.5 inches and  weighed her in at 22.5 pounds, and Sara Beth hated every second of it.  Those stats put her at the same size as an average 15 month old.  

She can't read yet, but that doesn't mean that she like playing with her books.  Like most other things, she likes to spread all the books across the floor.  She does enjoy sitting and "reading" her dinosaur book (seen below in her lap).  It is one of her tactile books, where the Tyrannosaurs has bumpy teeth and the Stegosaurus  has fuzzy armor plates.  When Heather or I turn the page, she will delicately press her finger onto whatever is the tactile piece on that page, and then wait for us to turn the page to the next dinosaur. 

Over the weekend, I decided to wind Sara Beth up.  It was getting close to her nap time, and I wanted her to sleep well, so I figured that if I could completely wear her out, she would zonk out for a couple hours.  I tossed her on our bed and was dragging her under the sheets, rolling her around, helping her do somersaults and crawl laps around the mattress.  Heather got in on the action too, tickling her.  She took a solid two hour nap that afternoon, however it wore me out and I slept the two hours as well.

When she is not causing messes ( or after there is nothing else to pull off the appliances), Sara Beth will occasionally try to help prepare dinner.  Either that, or she realizes that there is more stuff to get into on the counter top.

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