Monday, May 25, 2009


Sara Beth, after nearly 10 months of hard work, has grown quite a hairdo.  Her hair is similar to mine; it has a tendency to stick up.  It is also fine enough that it responds easily to getting messed up while it is wet.  Actually, this picture reminds me, I need to get a haircut too; that is pretty much what my hair looked like when I got out of the shower this morning.

This week, we gave her spaghetti with the sauce for the first time, and she loved it.  She has gotten into the habit of eating the food as fast as she can, another trait she picked up from her dad.  At dinner time, she has more in common with a vacuum cleaner than a well mannered little girl.  Heather is working on it, but she will shovel the food in like it is going out of style, pausing only to take large swigs of milk to wash the mouthfuls down.

We have a peach tree in our backyard, which has quite a collection of peaches on it.  None of them are ripe yet, but that didn't deter Sara Beth one night when we were out there watering it.  I brought the peach in and she munched into it.  I tried to explain to her that it would taste a whole lot better if she let it sit on the tree for a while longer, but she said she wanted to eat it before the birds did.  It was a valid enough point that I let her munch away at the crunchy peach.

Sara Beth likes to help with the yard work.  She loves being outdoors, and pulls things out of the ground with gusto.  There are some downsides.  She can't tell the different between weeds and flowers yanking either with equal abandon.  Also, she tries to stick the newly yanked weeds (or plants) into her mouth. 

In this picture SaraB is complaining to Heather, who is taking the picture, about how mean I am for taking the tree bark out of her mouth before she eats it.

This picture demonstrates one of the ways that Sara Beth and I are different.  Whenever I play with baby toys, I will try to engineer the tallest structure I can with the materials available.  It involves determining how wide the foundation should be, how quickly it can taper down to a single block, and things like that.   Sara Beth just wants to see what it will look like when it is knocked over.  Typically, I will try to see how tall I can build the structure while she is distracted with something else in the playroom, because as soon as she sees what I am doing, she will come over to point out the potential imbalances that can be added to the system.


Jill Siewert said...

Heather, I can see your nose and some of your shoulder in one of the pictures!

cmchrisk said...

It is amazing how quickly she had grown up!