Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Colorado and Fruit

We all went up to Colorado this past weekend, and, unfortunately, I left the camera in my bag, so there are no pictures of our time up there.  It was the first time that Sara Beth got to play with my parents since Christmas time, but this was the first time that she got to play on their turf.  She would crawl around in the back yard, finding things that were edible, and some things that weren't, into her mouth.   She got to munch on raw rhubarb and some editable flowers that my parents have growing in the back yard.  Heather got to change a dirty diaper or two that contained some partially digested grass in them.  

She probably would have tried to chew on the local wildlife if it moved as slow as the plants did.  We pointed out the plague ridden prairie dogs along the sides of the highway, and the bird that nests in a flower pot in the backyard.  The more elusive foxes and coyotes made an appearance, but Sara Beth didn't see those.  There was an animal that was a little too friendly though.  Heather came in from outside Saturday afternoon and explained that there was a snake, at least 40 feet long and carrying ninja stars, that tried to eat both her and Sara Beth.  Upon cross examination, it turns out that the snake was a more respectable 3 feet long and did not have weapons of any sort, but that it did have a cold reptilian look in its eyes.  I saw the snake the next day while it was climbing a tree, presumably preparing to ambush any small deer that passed by.

Anyways, getting back to thinks that Sara Beth placed in her mouth: she got to try some new food.  My dad handed her a raspberry one morning.  She looks at the red thing in her hand, then at my dad, then back at the berry.  After deciding to stick the foreign object in her mouth, her eyes lit up, and she looked back at my dad with an expectant gaze and reached out her hand for more.  While at a Chinese restaurant, she sat between Heather and I and was keeping us both busy, asking each of us, in turn, for a mouthful of food.  She wolfed it down so quickly that neither of us had a chance to eat anything until she decided she didn't want anymore.

Back home in Texas, we found that our peach tree is ready for harvest.  Sara Beth can eat a whole peach in only a couple minutes, and we let her munch away after cutting it into more bite sized pieces.  And since I realized that I didn't have any pictures to post with until tonight, all of them are variations on the theme "Sara Beth eating peaches."  Talk to you next week.

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