Monday, June 22, 2009


Once again Sara Beth got to chow down on spaghetti.  She has started some bad habits though.  No longer will she waive her hands in the air signing that she is all done eating.  Instead, she will now start to pick up her food and throw it around once she is done.  While it conveys the message to Heather and I just as clearly, it does make the after meal cleanup longer.

Sara Beth and Heather have started having tea parties.  They will take out all the plastic toy plates and cups and such.  Sometimes, Sara Beth will check to see if the sugar bowl lid tastes like sugar; it doesn't.  

While having the tea party, Heather will hold one of the tea cups up to her lips and make a slurping noise.  Sara Beth, with a grin on her face, will mirror the action, making her own sipping noises with her cup, and then will offer her cup to Heather to sip from.  

  While out in the kiddie pool in our backyard, Sara Beth demonstrated her newfound sharing ability.  She got a pool toy full of water and took a sip, and then offered the pool water to me as well.  It was not fresh water, but I politely made yummy noises as she held the cup up to my lips.  She was so happy to see that I liked it that she proceeded to offer me more pool water for the next 5 minutes, until I successfully distracted her with a crab pool toy to the belly.

Sara Beth got some Jello for lunch in the below photograph, and doesn't quite know what to make of it.  She has been very good about trying new things.  I am very thankful that she will consume almost everything that we put on her tray, with varying degrees of gusto.

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