Monday, June 8, 2009

Words, watermellon, and wittle teeth

Alliteration ... gotta love it.  She got her eight tooth in this week, and I couldn't come up with another word that started with w for the title.

So, Sara Beth is starting to make some sounds that are eerily similar to words.  She will say "ki-ki" as she chases after the kitties, and she will also say "ha" as a variation on "hi".  These are in addition to her staple "ma-ma" that she calls out anytime she wants Heather.

  She also understands and can respond to phrases.  Heather can ask her "How big is Sara Beth?" and SaraB will raise both hands in the air as Heather then says "Sooooo big!"  In addition, whenever she hears the phrase "good job," Sara Beth will start clapping.  I think she understands a lot more than that, but these are the things that get consistent responses from her.

Unlike her mother, Sara Beth loves melons. Heather bought a watermelon for Sara Beth and me to share.  We took it out into the back yard so she could eat the watermelon as messily as she wanted to.  Also, ignore the hair: she was at the pool earlier today and hadn't had a chance to get her hair styled since then.

Note that in this photo, she is no longer wearing her dress.  She took to the watermelon like a fish to water, and chowed down on 2 whole slices before she began to be more interested in playing with the food than eating it.  She ate the piece in the below photo all by herself.  Later on, she tried eating the rind, with limited success.  

Sara Beth is making figurative steps towards making her first real steps.  Occasionally, Heather or I will catch her standing up and balancing using only her two feet.  She will push her little cart around, at least, until it runs into an immobile object.  In this case, she started banging on the ottoman once she realized that her cart would not move any further.

So, whomever designs baby toys needs to take notes from the cat toy people.  She spends so much time pulling the cat toys out of their basket, and then dragging them through the house.  

I suspect that Sara Beth is flashing a gang sign in the below picture.

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Melissa said...

simply beautiful in every way!