Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Our trip to Florida was a success.  We made it there and back with no difficulties.  Because of Sara Beth's young age, we figured that we would do all the driving at night, after her bed time, and let Sara Beth sleep the whole 11 hours.  Sara Beth didn't agree to our plans.  So we left Texas at 8pm on Wednesday, and instead of falling asleep, she sat awake with a very confused look on her face; she knew her bedtime routine and sitting in a car seat was definitely not a part of it.  She finally closed her eyes around 10pm, but didn't sleep well the whole night.  Whenever the car went over a bump in the road, she woke up and started crying.  

  Once we got to Heather's Aunt and Uncles house, she got a little nap in before starting her day for reals.  We finally did get her schedule back to normal just in time for the return trip Sunday night.  This time, Sara Beth realized what we were doing and went right to sleep.  It was a much smoother trip.  She woke up every five hours and let us know that she REALLY wanted out of her car seat, so we pulled into whatever was the next gas station and she helped fill up the tank.  After the brief interlude, she was ready to get back into her seat for five more hours.  All in all, I think she did really well on her first long car trip. 

You can't go to Florida without going to the beach.  Unfortunately, the beach was not baby friendly.  The sand was too hot, and instead of a gentle slope into the water with inches of watter gently flowing, the waves crashed hard on the steep beach. Heather stayed on the beach, taking pictures while Sara Beth and I went into the water.  Sara Beth did enjoy splashing the water while on my little boogie board, as long as I stayed away from the crashing surf.   

Sometimes an unexpected wave would sneak up on us and Sara Beth got a mouthful of water.  

Sara Beth got to play more with her cousin Wesley.  They would get in races around Heather's Aunt and Uncle's house.  Sara Beth always won the races, but I think that is because she had a four month head start.

Once back at our house, Sara Beth got back to doing what she does best: act cute.  She decided that she wanted to have a ankle bracelet.  She would put the ring over her foot, act all proud, and then start to crawl around.  The ring would fall of after a few feet.  At that point, she would stop, sit back, and reapply the ankle bracelet.  She repeated this process before deciding that the jewelry was too much work to maintain. 

Her next attempt at jewelry was to use the cat's beads as a necklace.  These worked much better, as she successfully paraded around the house without having the adornments fall off.

Sara Beth loves to play with her medical supplies.  We figure that she wants to grow up to be a doctor, as she will get all her medicine droppers and thermometers out and play with them.  

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mavila said...

LOL, Cesia uses her teething ring as an ankle bracelet too! I think they are discovering the stage of "in" and "out" but usually more out than in.