Monday, July 20, 2009


Sara Beth has learned to understand quite a few words, even if she doesn't speak many yet.  We can tell her "NO! Don't even think about digging through that trash can full of diapers!" and she will pull her hand back and look for something slightly more sanitary to play with.  On the sweeter side of the spectrum, we can ask "Can you give me a kiss?" and she will respond accordingly.  Here, she is giving her doll a kiss as well.

We actually just went to Target and got 2 more dolls identical to this one.  Our plan is to rotate through them so that it will last much longer and we will have the opportunity to keep them relatively clean, and without Sara Beth being the wiser.

It's amazing what a new hair style will do.  Sara Beth's hair has grown long enough that we do not have to tuck it behind her ears, and you can no longer see a baby sitting in her booster seat.  That's where a little girl sits now.

She has become more interested in her stacks of stuffed fluffy animal toys.  A rattle that used to make noise used to be the best kind of toy for her, but she is now grabbing the soft fluffy ones and giving them big hugs.  In the below picture, we are playing the game where I pull the sheep away, and she tries to catch it and pull it back to herself.  Of course, the camera causes her to stop whatever she is doing so that she can direct her full attention to getting her picture taken.

Despite her new found interest in all fluffy things, she has not lost interest in her beads and play sets.  In between the stuffed animals that have been strewn across the floor, she will sit fiddling with her bead necklace that is a little too big on her.


Unknown said...

Jill Requests to see more pictures of Sara Beth and the kitties "playing" together. Using Tuna as an bribe for the cats is acceptable.

Siewert Family said...

Are you asking me to rub tuna all over my daughter in order to attract the cats? Sounds messy.