Monday, July 27, 2009


People had warned us.  They said that one day, Sara Beth would get up and start walking.  She had begun to take steps on her own back around the 4th of July, but she gave up on it, until this week.  At the beginning of the week, she stood up and was brave enough to walk across the kitchen.  Heather and I both clapped our hands and praised her efforts.  She became so excited that she stood up again, and walked back to the other side.  We continued to give her encouragement.  And that made her so happy and giddy with excitement that she just bounced.  She no longer was able to walk, but she pushed herself upright, and bounced on her feet until she feel back over.  She laughed and giggled the whole time.  Since then, she has become more and more comfortable with longer and longer walks.  Earlier this evening, she walked from the front door, where Heather was to the kitchen where I was, cackling with laughter and glowing with excitement.  Once she reached me, she turned around and staggered back to Heather.  She would fail a sobriety test, as she weaves back and forth in a very loose approximation of a straight line.  Once she got to Heather, she turned around and started to walk back to me, but veered off into our bedroom instead, and walked all the way into the bathroom before she collapsed in exhaustion.  

  She has become very skilled at toddling around with her buggy as well.  Now, she can actually properly steer it, so it rarely runs into anything.  And if it does, she is able to back it up and turn it around; at least most of the time.  She has started to occasionally carry a dishtowel around with her.  It may feel good in her left hand, but it makes turning the buggy around a lot more difficult to turn around with only her right hand.

She drives the buggy everywhere, including through her house.  It nearly fits too.  Heather has to help with a little plastic antenna that sticks up a little too far.  But Sara Beth loves it.  As soon as she drives though the front door, she circles around, and repeats the process.  I hope she is not practicing, as in 15 years, when she drives a real car, she will not allow her to drive though our front door.

Over the weekend, we went to one of Sara Beth's 2 year old friend's birthday party at "Little Gym".  Sara Beth had a blast climbing and crawling all over the equipment.  The below picture shows her concentration as she walks across a balance beam with a little help from Heather.  You can tell that Sara Beth's eyes are beginning to change color, from bright blue, to a more grey color, with bits of green and gold in them.

Mother and daughter got to do little races across the floor too.  Sara Beth didn't know what to think, but Heather had a good time pushing.

Near the end of the party, the host had a bubble wand which was used to create hundreds of little bubbles.  Sara Beth was enchanted.

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---jen said...

What a darling little girl she's turning into! *congratulates Sara Beth on the walking!*