Monday, August 3, 2009


 Sara Beth turned one year old on Friday.  First of all, the stats: when we took her in for her one year appointment, she weighed in at 25 pounds and 32.5 inches, which is the 95% and 99+% percentile respectively.

We had her party planed for Saturday, but to celebrate on her actual birthday on Friday, Heather brought her up to eat lunch at work with me.  I did the proud father thing and walked around showing her off to anyone that appeared interested.

That evening, to initiate her entry into the more accident prone toddler years, she fell face first into the chair.  She cut her lip on the inside and outside, tore a gash in her mouth, and left teeth marks in the wooden chair frame.  It was a traumatic experience for everyone involved.  Heather took Sara Beth over to a neighbor who is a nurse to see if Sara Beth would need a trip to the emergency room for stitches.  Fortunately, the only permanent damage was to the chair; the blood came out in the wash.  We were planning on having a neighbor come over and take some one year pictures of Sara Beth, but those have been postponed until next weekend; the swelling should be down by then.

For the actual party, Heather bought a pink tutu and over sized head bow to match.  I think Sara Beth liked it, as she didn't try to pull it out of her hair the whole time.

During the course of the party, Sara Beth wanted a drink from my water bottle.  After several gulps, it became apparent that she didn't care all that much about actually drinking the water.  So I put the cap back on the bottle and let her continue to play with it, and now she was much less likely to douse herself.

Tradition dictates that the one year old get themselves all messy while eating their birthday cake.  Sara Beth actually daintily nibbled on the frosting.  She only started getting messy once Heather took her hand and smashed it into the middle of the cake.  Her cleanup wouldn't have been all that bad, except black icing is rather difficult to get off.

Opening presents was an exercise in controlled chaos with all the little kids running around and Sara Beth wanting to play with every box and piece of wrapping paper in addition to the actual presents.

The next day, Sara Beth got to play with all her new presents.  She began to play with her little tea set, eating imaginary food out of her tea cup using a fork.  She also offered me a taste of her pretend meal.  She also carries around some small lady bug toys from her party and will play hide and seek with them.  Either Sara Beth or I will hide them under a pillow, and then the other will look under the pillow to "find" it.

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---jen said...

Happy Birthday to Sara Beth! I'm sorry I missed posting on the actual day of, but I've been really bad about that lately. You have a beautiful little lady, and I look forward to continuing to watch her grow. :)