Monday, August 31, 2009

Collecting Things

Sara Beth has learned that anything not bolted down to the floor can be picked up and that she can then play with them.  When she came back from the pool one day, she decided that her polka-dot pajama bottoms can work perfectly well as a shawl, so she went to extract all the books and stuffed animals from their orderly positions while sporting her fancy new neck-wear.

She loves to play with her medical supplies.  In addition to a play set that we bought her for her birthday, we gave her an old empty Tylenol bottle.  As you can see, there was not enough room for it in her shopping cart, so she needed to use alternative methods to carry it.  

And then we come to makeup.  Sara Beth loves to get some chap stick on her lips whenever Heather puts some on her lips.  In addition, Sara B loves to steal Heather's lipstick.  They are, apparently, the perfect size to grab.  I have found Heather's lipstick  in many different places other than under Heather's sink.  In this picture, I caught her in possession of three different sticks while she was trying to transport them.

Sara Beth is showing off her Sunday best.  She has graduated from the infant nursery and moved on to the toddler class.  The workers say that she is very good and communicative.  When she wants something from the diaper bag (snack or bottle), she will walk over to the side of the room where all the diaper bags are, and then point at them till someone brings it down for her to fish out want she wants.

Sara Beth loves helping in the yard.  She helped put some more mulch in our front flower beds.   Flowers quake in fear when Sara Beth is near. It took several attempts before she learned the difference between a "gentle touch" and a flower mangling grap, and a couple petunias are going to need a couple of weeks to recover.

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Jill Siewert said...

Is she going to learn about the magical weed soon?