Monday, August 24, 2009


Sara Beth is learning what rules are.  She has enough of a grasp on the English language that we can now start laying down some rules.  When she was younger and learning to explore the house, we closed the door to the laundry room, so that she would not get into the cat's litter box in that room.  Once Sara B went to bed, we would open the door back up for the cats before they decided to use our bed as a replacement litter box.  Now that she is old enough, we keep the door open, and convey to Sara Beth that she is not allowed in there.  Sara Beth wants to make sure that we mean it.  She will go right up to the entrance and see how close she can get without getting punished.  

  Once she knows where that line is, then she will see if repetition will bring different results.  She would go right up to the line, check that Heather was watching her, and then take an additional step into the cat's safe room.   One day, it took Sara Beth 6 consecutive "experiments" before deciding that we meant it.  She has learned that lesson.  She is now much more responsive when we tell her "no," though there are exceptions.  Tonight she got a spanking for ignoring us and repeatedly trying to eat food off the plates in the dishwasher as we loaded it.

Greater communication between Sara Beth and us means that we can play more advanced games with her as well.  Now when we go to the pool, after Sara Beth wears herself out running around the splash park, we will help her jump into the pool.  Heather will stand with Sara Beth at the edge, and then on the count of three, Sara Beth will gleefully leap into my arms in the pool.  Well, it is more of a walk off the edge as she can't really leap, but she does do it with a big smile on her face.  

Sara Beth's aunt and uncle came to visit this weekend.  Sara Beth and Uncle John had a great time playing.  I suspect that Sara Beth was fascinated by the beard.

Sara Beth's walking skills have improved where she is now able to keep up with her older friends.  Sophia and Sara Beth ended up playing tag around the kitchen, circling around the other.  You couldn't tell who was "it," but they had fun doing it, laughing loudly the whole time.

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Unknown said...

Ah -- testing the rules! Sounds like her Dad. I think your record was 10 times before you believed me that I meant no. Love Mom :D