Monday, August 17, 2009

Sharing with cats

Sara Beth had a fever at the beginning of this week from her one-year vaccinations.  The MMR shot gave her a 103 degree fever from Monday to Wednesday morning.  She slept for long stretches.  She was a little fussy, but tylenol kept her happy.  I turns out that her first molar also came through during the same time.  So the medicine was doing double duty helping her gums feel better too.

Needless to say, it didn't slow Sara B down all that much.  She is still tearing though the house, exploring all the nooks and following the cats around.  She has learned to give them "gentle touches" so they no longer bolt whenever she gets within grabbing distance.  In fact, the cats and Sara Beth are beginning to build friendships.  Here, Sara Beth noticed Little Bit begging at the table for food, so she offers so share her melon.

Noodles are one thing that Sara Beth hasn't offered to share.  She loves the stuff; shoveling it into her mouth using both hands.  I suspect that, just like her father, spaghetti is her favorite food. 

If  you notice most of the pictures this week have been taken with Sara Beth is strapped down into her booster seat.  It is easier to photograph her if something keeps her in one place.  

Heather noticed that Sara Beth's hair is getting long enough that it can be pulled back off her face under a bow.  It is amazing how different she looks with her hair done up differently.  You can still tell that it is Sara Beth because of the distinctive trouble making sparkle in her eye.

Heather and Sara Beth have been going to the pool almost every day.  It is a great way to play outside without bursting into flames in the 100 degree Texas heat.  Next to the pool is a little splash park with fountains and showers.  Sara Beth loves that much more than the pool, since she can control her own movements, and isn't limited to being held by Heather in the pool.  She will circle around some off the fountains, and others she will run through, but in either case, she will do it with a big grin on her face.

If I am lucky, Sara Beth and Heather will wait until I come home from work before going to the pool.  It is so fun to watch Sara Beth though whatever water-based obstacle is in her path to get to me.  When she catches me, I will scoop her up and run back through the fountains.  It is great fun and I could do it every evening, at least until the weather starts to get cooler.

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Melissa said...

Love your blog and the photo's...I always look forward to them!