Monday, August 10, 2009

Mmmmm... hummus

Heather and Sara Beth both like hummus.  Heather got a package of the ground up chickpeas from the store and spread it on crackers for Sara Beth to eat.  Sara Beth licked the stuff off the crackers and asked for more to be spread on her now empty crackers.  We bought a second package of it after the first one disappeared so quickly.

Also, Sara Beth now keeps a fork or her tray.  She will practice using it, stabbing at or around her food with it.  Typically, she will give up and grab the food with her other hand, but occasionally, she will proudly raise a skewered bit of food to her mouth.  She has even offered her filled fork to me for me to eat off of.  

Sara Beth's new word of the day is "Uh-oh".  She will walk around the house repeating it.  When Heather asked "what is uh-oh?," Sara B looked around and saw her doll lying on the floor, and pointed to it, repeating "uh-oh."

Now that Sara Beth is more mobile, she has begun to explore the whole house and looking in all the nooks and crannies. One of her favorite spots is the couch in the front TV room.  She likes it there because she can play with all the remotes that are on the back of the couch while rolling and walking around on the cusions.  There are also candles that sit on that back table.  She pretends to drink from the candle holder, making the "mmmmmm" sound while doing it.  

Sara Beth wants us to interact with her while she explores the couch.  It isn't as much fun for her if she doesn't have someone to show off her discoveries to.  Here, you can see her glance at Heather with in a look in her eyes that says, "Put down the camera and check out this remote I found."

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