Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making the wold a safer place

After all Sara Beth's shenanigans playing with Heather's lipstick, we decided that it was finally time to put safety latches on the cabinet doors in the bathroom.  Try as she might, Sara Beth was not strong enough to overcome the obstacles in the path to her lipstick prize.

After the brute force method failed, she decided to use her wits and concentrated on the problem, but to no avail; the lipstick is safely protected from Sara Beth's inquisitive  grip.

All doors are now her play things.  She will routinely open and close the dish washer door, at least until we lock it closed.  It will be a couple more weeks before she can figure out locks, hopefully.

This past week it has been raining almost every day.  After being able to play outside every day for the week up in Wisconsin, it was a rude transition to being cooped up in the house watching the water pour onto the soggy grass.  The upside is that it cooled off enough for us to open some windows.  Sara Beth looked outside, wistfully watching the rain fall. 

This week was the first time Heather brought out the crayons for Sara Beth to draw with.  Sara Beth didn't fully get the concept down.  Heather tried have Sara Beth sit in her lap while Heather demonstrated how the crayons worked, but Sara Beth was more interested in climbing down and walking around with the crayons in her hands. We put the crayons back up for another day once Sara Beth tried to eat one.

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