Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sara Beth added a new word to her vocabulary this week: "Shoes."  She says it when we put the shoes on her feet.  She repeats it when she takes her shoes off, and she tries to take them off whenever we strap her into a chair or stroller.  She also says it while rearranging her Mom's shoe collection in the closet.

The weather has been wonderful this week, and SaraB has demanded to be let outside daily.  Once outside, she will go pull leaves off of our peach tree or digg/eat dirt out of the flower pots.  If we're lucky, she will also pull a weed or two out of the lawn.

Even though we have baby proofed Heather's makeup cabinet, Sara Beth still hovers around in the morning waiting for an opportunity to swoop in and grab something while Heather applies her makeup.  This Sunday, she was able to extract some lipstick, and in the two seconds had vigorously  applied it to the general region of her face around the lips.

Like most other kids, she wants the things she doesn't have, and she doesn't want the things she has.  While we don't think lipstick is an appropriate beauty product for her age, we try to put bows in her hair daily.  Now that her hair is long enough, we can even do some more fancy stylings, but Sara Beth will typically pull the bow out and either toss it or begin to chew on it within 30 minutes.

Often in the evenings, we will take Sara Beth out in the stroller.  We need to keep an eye out for any shoes or hair bows that Sara Beth will toss by the wayside; there have been several times that we have had to backtrack and do some reconnaissance missions to retrieve the missing item.

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