Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quite a Week

This past week, Sara Beth's great-grandmother passed away.  We went back up to Wisconsin for the whirlwind funeral.  Heather got Sara Beth a beautiful dress to wear.  

While up in Kenosha, we had to go by the Jelly Belly Factory.  Sara Beth was like a kid in a candy store.  She kept trying to grab or at least touch the different bags of candy.  Once I put her in the cart, it became a lot easier to contain her.  There are little yellow strips of text by the handle to the cart warning that no children should ever sit in the cart.  I ignored them.

Also, since it is getting close to Halloween, we went to the local pumpkin patch.  Sara Beth didn't know what to do with the below photo-op and stared blankly out of her cut out.  It wasn't until I stuck my head through the other hole that she smiled.

The pumpkin patch also came with an animal pen and food you could feed them for a quarter.  Sara Beth liked the animals when she saw them from afar, but as we got closer and closer, she clung tighter and tighter to Heather.  She finally reached out and touched a goat, but it took a while, and several quarters worth of animal feed.

The pumpkin patch also offered a maze built out of hay.  Sara Beth almost made it through the thing, but she stood up a little too quickly and knocked her hat off.

The plane flight back home went well for the most part.  We were bringing so much stuff back with us, we checked a bag.  As soon as we got in the air, Sara Beth guzzled down two bottles of milk and fell to sleep soon after that.  She slept most of the flight, but near the end, she woke up, and vomited all over Heather, her doll, and herself.  Fortunately, I missed the worst of the smelly stuff.   The spare set of clothes was in the bag we checked.  It was so bad we stripped off Sara Beth's shirt and she flew the rest of the way to Dallas in her pants and diaper.   

  Once we got home, Sara Beth at a quick dinner, took a bath and eagerly went to sleep in her own bed.


Jill said...

I hope the Emma Rose in the last picture is the Emma Rose (2|3) and not the throw up version (1) :)

Melissa said...

Oh man, that throw up stuff is not fun! I so enjoy reading your blog! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow or should I say today at church!! :)

Caleb and Laura said...

Flying with a baby is always exciting! :-p

I love that last picture, so sweet!