Monday, October 26, 2009


While putting up dishes this week, Sara Beth decided to pilfer the silverware basket for her own uses.  We had the pantry open; she carried her newly obtained container and stuffed anything she should grab from the bottom shelf.  She then carried around her loot around the kitchen, routinely stopping to take it all out and repack it.

Then, this weekend, we went to the harvest festival at our church.  It had pony rides, but Sara Beth didn't want to be away from her mom.  It had a petting zoo, but the bunnies scared Sara Beth, and she burst into tears.  She did recover enough while walking around the pumpkin patch, and decided that she wanted to see how big of a pumpkin she could hoist.  She lifted a rather large pumpkin, but she didn't use proper form, and lifted using her back.

Our church also has a playground with a couple play sets.  Sara Beth loved playing with the wheel, and made race car noises while spinning the wheel back and forth, just like her daddy taught her.  She seems to be fascinated with cars and also loves to sit in my lap while I am in the drivers seat of my car and push all the buttons on the center console of my car.  Don't call CPS on me, the car was sitting off and in my garage at the time.

Getting back to the things Sara Beth collects: her mom's bracelets.  Whenever the closet door is open, she will go into it, open the bracelet drawer in Heather's jewelry box, and then carefully place every single one onto her hand. 

In this picture, Sara Beth carried her purse into the front room of our house and in the process of reorganizing it.  She will empty everything out of her purse, and then begin stuffing things back in.

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