Monday, November 2, 2009

Exploding diapers

At the beginning of this week, we were running low on Sara Beth's extra absorbent night diapers.  Heather and I talked and decided to try just using her regular diapers.  It was a spectacular failure.  The first night, Sara Beth decided to pull her diaper off in the middle of the night and wet the bed.  The second night we put her in a full length footed sleeper.  Somehow, the diaper came off and ended up shoved into one of her pajama legs.  The third night we brought out the big guns: duct tape.  The diaper stayed on, but it still leaked.  So the next day, Heather went out and bought some more night time diapers.  We learned our lesson.

My parents came in for the weekend.  Sara Beth had a great time with all the extra attention.  She helped my parents look at two potential future houses for my parents, but by the time we had pulled up to the third house, she was past her nap time, so Sara Beth and I explored the lawn out front.  Sara Beth was so tired that she was loosing motor control and ended up tipping over and falling into some shrubbery and ended up with a scratch on her cheek.  Once we got back and she took a good 3 hour nap, she was back to her regular self.  Sara Beth and her Grandmother were able to play and learn; they practiced saying the word "Grandma" quite a bit.

Unfortunately, that was all the pictures we took this week.   We'll try to document things a little better in this coming week.

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What no Halloween pictures???