Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Preparing to travel

I am heading out of the country for 2 weeks beginning tomorrow for work, so this past week has been filled with me spending as much time as possible playing with Sara Beth and Heather, as I will be on the other side of the world from them. I worry that I will leave Sara Beth, the toddler, and come home to Sara Beth the little girl; that she would grow up too much while I am away. While I am out, Heather will be filling in as this blog's special guest author.

Anyways, this past week we went to the Dallas Arboretum. It was a little over a year since the last time we took Sara Beth. She had a lot more fun this time; she went up to all the mums and sniffed them. In one case, she walked up to the flower, and while bending down to smell, she lost her balance and grabbed onto the nearest thing to help break her fall. The nearest thing was the mum. It didn't help her break her fall, but it did break.

There were still some pumpkins out at the Arboretum from the Halloween holiday. Sara Beth went up to the first one she saw and wanted to climb onto the top of it.

While Heather and Sara Beth were out at the store, Sara Beth apparently found some new, pink, sparkly shoes. I tried to take a picture of them, but Sara Beth was running around the house with them on. This was the best picture I could capture, the others were all blurry or out of focus since she kept moving so quickly. Fortunately, this should be solved soon, as I just bought a camera off of Ebay for $36. Hopefully it will work better than our current one.

Sara Beth loves to play with glasses. Our glasses. When we give her some sun glasses of her own, she will take them off immediately, and very quickly loose interest in them. Our glasses, on the other hand, will hold her interest for as long as we allow it. Sara Beth reached up and pulled the glasses off my face while we were walking around the book store. I didn't think much of it, as her fingerprints on the lenses can be cleaned. 30 seconds later, I glance down and she is resting in my arms trying her hardest to tear my ear pieces off of the frames. In retrospect, I'm not all that surprised. After all, her nick name is "Destructor".

Sara Beth's hair is growing very quickly, and I am happy to see the natural curl forming. In fact, her hair is almost to the same length as her Mom's hair in the back. Heather is growing her hair out to donate to "Locks of love", and we are not going to cut Sara Beth's hair any time soon. It will be a contest to see who can grow their hair the quickest.

Sara Beth now has her own little doll stroller to push around the house. She will careen through the house at pretty good speeds, and occasionally, she will even put a doll in the stroller.

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