Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Heights

Sara Beth has been busy this week. Sara Beth has finally started trying to build with her blocks. In the past, she would dump them all out on the floor and have a grand time putting all the blocks back in the bag. If Peter or I built anything, she was right there ready to unleash destruction on the tower. I am pleased to say that during our last block session, she didn't destroy my tower. She actually sat and made several of her own.
Sara Beth has also discovered that she loves heights. I had the ladder out this week. I turn my back for 2 seconds and she's climbing up! We finally compromised that she would just sit on the ladder instead of trying to climb it!

Since Peter is out of town, my Aunt Kathy came for a visit. While she was here we went to Lake Highlands and had tea with her friends. Sara Beth had a great time playing with Ben (who is three) and watching baby Andrew (who is 3 months). She discovered toy cars and was rather attached to one of Ben's. Of course, Sara Beth also enjoyed all the attention she got while she was there.


Jill Siewert said...

Yay guest Blogger Heather :)

Before you know it, Sara Beth will be wanting to climb trees and on the roof of your house!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Couldn't have done better myself.

---jen said...

Wow... I miss checking the updates here for a couple of months and Sara Beth grew up while I wasn't looking! She is so cute! :)