Monday, November 30, 2009

Our little helper

It is good to be back in the same timezone as Sara Beth and Heather.  The trip was long, and I missed being back with the rest of the family.  I have no idea how a single parent can do it without passing out from exhaustion.

With only one week before December, the weather has finally cooled down to a point where the leaves are turning colors and falling off the tree.  When we first put gloves on her, we were worried that she would pull them off as quickly as we could put them on.  The fear was unfounded as she loved the new addition to her outfit.

While I worked overseas, Sara Beth helped her mom with the chores.  She saw Heather sweeping the floor and wanted to help.  She successfully waved the broom across the floor, but nothing actually got swept into a pile; Heather had to go back and redo the spot once the broom was unatended.

Apparently, Sara Beth threw quite a few fits this past week.  Here you can see her trying to get into the bathroom, and  showing how upset the closed door is making her.  If you look really closely, you can see a tear rolling down her chin.

The shoe thief was at it again.  She put one of Heather's shoes on her feet, and walked all the way from the kitchen to the play room to model them.

As soon as I got back, the first item on my list of things to fix was the dryer.  It would take 4 times too long to get all the moisture out.  I began to take the dryer apart, and when I went to grab another tool, Sara Beth picked up the screwdriver and began to help.  She did end up cutting her finger on a sharp edge on the metal.  We put a little band-aid on her finger.  She proudly showed it to Heather and I, and then took it off since it was getting in the way of her playing.

Thanksgiving weekend is the time that I hang up the Christmas lights.  This year I decided to try out a new setup.  It was trickey and took much longer than I expected.  Sara Beth got a kick out of looking up and seeing me on the roof.  She asked Heather to let her get on the roof too.  We told her not until she is older. 

Sara Beth's table manners are developing nicely.  After we sit down to pray and ask a blessing for the food, Sara Beth will say "Amen" along with Heather and I.  She will also reddily offer to share her food.  She just needs to watch out for my bitting teeth, as they can catch unsuspecting hands.

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Denise said...

your daughter is adorable!
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