Monday, December 7, 2009


Rarely does white stuff fall from the sky around these parts, but this week, a dusting of the stuff fell once morning.  Heather and Sara Beth rushed outside and played around looking at all the cold white stuff.

Sara Beth has begun to pick up on some of the habits that we have as a family.  My favorite one was this week when she realized that before meals we pray, and that every prayer ends with the work "Amen."  She will wait till we are done, and then say "amen" along with us, with a big grin on her face.  However, she will confuse "amen" with the phrase "the end" that we say after reading a book.  So, just like after a prayer, she will say "amen" as we finish the last page of a book.

She has begun to take a real interest in her little train.  She will press the button so that it starts to flash and play a song, and then she will push it around the house.  Whenever it stops its flashing and noisemaking, she will stop and press the button again, to ensure that she is not pushing a mere silent toy.

While out for dinner this past week, Sara Beth wanted a bite of my gyro, which had some fresh onions on it.  I tried to direct her towards some of the flat bread and meat, but she ignored my promptings and took a bite out of the raw onion.  She then spit it out, and stuck out her tongue and started to make "pfffttbbb" noises to get the taste off of her tongue.  She then drank half of her water.

Sara Beth has gotten to a point where we will have her help us put dishes in the dishwasher.  She loves to help us out.  So we will hand her a dirty spoon with instructions on where to put it, and she will run over to the dishwasher and place it in the appropriate spot.  I have even allowed her to "help" me carry a dirty plate to the washer.  She has a big grin plastered across her face the whole time.


Jill Siewert said...

Yay Snow! :)

Just teach her the important parts of snow, like how to make snow angels, go sliding, to not eat yellow know the important stuff.

And yay for a helpful Sara Beth. Just think, when spring comes around you can teach her about the magic weed.....Which speaking of which, I wonder if there is a magic dish in the dishwasher?

mavila said...

I love that sweater in the first picture! And isn't she becoming quite the little helper :)

Anonymous said...
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