Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big Girl

So Sara Beth went for her regular check up at the doctor's office.  When Heather pulled up in the parking lot, Sara Beth burst into tears and started to repeat "No, Mom, No!"  Three vaccinations later, they left.  Sara Beth weighed in at 27 pounds 13 ounces and is 34 7/8 inches tall.  According to wolfram alpha that means she will be 6 feet tall and weigh around 176 pounds once she is done growing.  

Every day she is growing more and more independent.  This past week she has started to want to read her own books.  So I will sit next to her and read my magazine while she pages through her books.

She has also begun to use her play kitchen as a jungle gym.  Fortunately for us, we are planning on swapping this one out with a larger size unit, which should, hopefully, reduce the likelihood of her climbing on top of it.  Until she gets better at climbing at least.

Heather captured Sara Beth sitting in her chair catting on her cell phone.  Even though it currently only calls Minnie Mouse, she will still pretend to call me while I am at work.  When ever I give her a real cell phone while  Heather is on the other end of the line, she will just stare at the phone in surprise.  

Her interest in shoes and jewelry increases on a daily basis.  She has her collection of bracelets that she will place on her wrist, all at the same time and then wave her arms around to make them clink as she tears around the house.

  Whenever I am putting shoes on my feet, she will say "Shoes" to let me know that she has correctly identified that I am putting on footwear.  Whenever Heather leaves her shoes lying around, Sara Beth will put them on and try to walk around the house in them.  Thought it may look like it in the picture, she is not actually break dancing.

One more prediction that I feel confident enough to make about the future: Sara Beth will drive either a car with a big engine or a diesel truck.  Whenever we walk down the street and some loud car or truck drives by, Sara Beth will start to imitate the engine noise.  In addition, she will often get into a storage box, and then start making engine noises as she pretends to drive it around.  

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