Monday, February 22, 2010


This past week has been rather odd, temperature wise. Two weeks ago, the sky dumped snow everywhere. Then, during the beginning of this week, it became warm enough for us to let Sara Beth play around in the yard. I also got time to do some yard work that needed to be done.

Here you can see Sara Beth pointing out some spots I missed while I pruned the peach tree. Actually, every time she hears a truck, train, or airplane, she will identify the creator of the sound and then point to it. In this case, she saw a plane and wanted to let me know about it.

I started to clear out some of the grass from the front bushes; Sara Beth wanted to help. I really think she might be old enough to play "magic weed" this year! For those who are unaware of how the game works, I tell Sara Beth to start pulling all the weeds in the yard, and when she finds the "magic weed" she wins the game, and then we can play again with a new magic weed.
Later in the week, it got cold again, so we had to play inside again. Sara Beth really enjoys her music CD, and loves to listen to it over and over again. Whenever she has the opportunity, she will run into her play room and tell us she wants to listen to the "radio" or "CD". She has started to recognize some of the songs and will sometimes beat her drum or make her doll dance in time with the music. She has even started to try singing along with the song too, but she still has a ways to go with that skill.

One skill that she had really mastered is putting puzzles together. Now, granted, they are the wooden puzzles, and not a full 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but her hand eye coordination has really improved as of late. Instead of jamming the piece within the general vicinity of its proper destination, she will delicately rotate and place the piece in its slot. She only resorts to jamming when it doesn't go in on the first couple tries, or when she is trying to put the pentagram puzzle piece where the octagon is supposed to go.

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