Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It has been a busy couple of weeks. Apologies to all who were waiting for my post last week.
So first off: the big event of last week was the record snowfall. It felt just like a decent Colorado snowfall. The white fluffy stuff kept coming down all day on Thursday, from when I got up to when I went to bed. Sara Beth kept clamoring at the door to go outside in the "white".

Friday morning, the snow from the previous day was still around. In fact, the roads were bad enough that everyone got to work from home. Sara Beth still enjoyed the winter wonderland, even if it was starting to melt. She kept wanting to splash in the near frozen puddles and got all upset whenever we tried to stop her. Explaining that she would get cold had no effect. We could have been explaining the laws of thermodynamics to her and it would have had the same effect: nothing.

After mastering the art of climbing on top of tables, Sara Beth has learned that there are many other prepositions. She now enjoys climbing under the table, though as soon as I brought out the camera to take the picture, she began scrambling out to grab the device from me.

Yesterday was Mardi-Gras. I was installing a storm door in the front of our house and Heather took Sara Beth to Lowes to get a tool I thought I needed to complete the installation. While there, Sara Beth sweet talked a guy out of a set of Mardi-Gras beeds. I don't know if we want to encourage this; it could lead to trouple.

Typically, when Sara Beth is done with dinner, she will indicate that she is no longer hungry. Typically, she will do this by taking handfuls of food and either dropping them on the floor or smearing those handfuls onto the table. This time, however, things took an unexpected turn for the better when she grabbed a napkin and began to clean the table. She did still feel the need to make a face for the camera.

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