Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sesame Street Addiction

Up until recently, the only TV that Sara Beth has gotten to watch was football games with me.  Well, this past week, we have let her watch some PBS before going down for her nap; she picks up quickly.  Nap time is right after Sesame Street, and after only parts of three episodes, she is now obsessed with Abby, Zoe, Elmo, Big Bird, and the other muppets.  At 3am, the baby monitor will emit sounds of her reciting a Sesame Street role call to herself.  She will also point out all muppet characters in her books by name now.   Heather and I were talking about this and Heather suggested they infuse Elmo with crack.  Whatever the cause for her obsession, I am just glad that the caracters don't try to sell her something.

  Another new thing that she has picked up is an affinity for stickers.  She has a good idea where Heather keeps the stickers around the house, and she puts her climbing skills to use to obtain stickers to place on her hands, or her toys, or her parents.

Sara Beth loves oranges.  If it was up to her, she would eat them until she got sick.  And then probably continue to eat them anyways.  After eating 3 clementines in a row for lunch, she  repeated that she wanted more.  I explained that she had enough and would upset her stomach but gave her the orange peel to play with.  She decided to try eating that.  The church nursery workers mentioned to us the next day that when they changed her diaper, they saw bright orange bits in it.

Spring time means time for planting stuff in the back yard.  I have a new plum tree along with a raspberry and blueberry bush in the ground.  Sara Beth helped me determine if the hole was the right depth.  While helping, she refused to give up her snack, no matter how muddy it got.  That probably added to the weirdness of her diapers for the nursery workers the next day too.

She also liked all the mud and got to have a bath before dinner to get herself cleaned off.

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