Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy to you

Sara Beth went to a birthday party on Saturday.  She had a good time, and the next morning at breakfast, she started singing her own version of the "Happy Birthday" song.  "Happy to you you.  Happy to you."  and so on.

On Friday, Heather heard grunting from Sara Beth's room during nap time.  She looks in the baby monitor to see Sara Beth trying to climb out of her crib.  We had unsuccessfully tried moving Sara Beth to a big girl bed a couple months ago, but we decided it was time to try it again.  So far she has been doing better this time around, except keeping her down for a nap takes a couple attempts, and a couple spankings in some cases.  Here you can see her "helping" to disassemble her crib.  

Heather decided to paint her toe nails and then, since Sara Beth appeared interested, she got her nails painted too.  She sat still for the whole ordeal, and seemed to be pleased with the results.  Heather commented that since her toe nails were so small, and Sara Beth's nails were so big, they were nearly the same size.


Sara Beth really enjoys eating, especially when she is eating food of of my plate.  We were eating tacos and she did not want to eat the paltry taco meat and cheese that we had placed on her place.  Instead, she wanted one of my full size tacos.  It was a little more than she could handle, but she seemed to have a good time demolishing it.

During the search for Sara Beth's "big girl" bed, we went to many garage sales.  Some times, Sara Beth and I would stay in the car while Heather scouted out the location.  In this case, we were on our way to church, and stopped to look at some 25 cent clothes.  Sara Beth and I stayed in the car and explored all the nooks and crannies of the van.

After church was the annual easter egg hunt.  Last year, Sara Beth grabbed one egg, and decided she didn't need any more.  This year, when I put her in the area to go searching for eggs, she was scared.  Once I came in, she became a little more brave, and collected two eggs in her basket.  Next year, our goal is 3 eggs.

While out looking at all the garage sales, we found an art easel for $15.  With that and a set of markers, Sara Beth has unleashed her inner artist, or at least, her inner scribbler.  

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