Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One two three five

Heather has started to work with Sara Beth on her numbers and letters.  Sara Beth loves to practice them.  I can start to count to ten, and she will either repeat the number I just said, or give the next one in the sequence.  She has also started pointing out the letters she sees around town.  While driving back from Sam's club, Sara Beth was in her car seat naked (note to self: restock the emergency diaper stash in the car) and at a stop light, she said "S" and pointed.  It turns out the semi truck next to us belonged to some company that started with that letter.  We now have to keep our eyes pealed, as if she points out a letter, and we do not confirm and acknowledge its presence, then she will begin to repeat herself and become agitated until we do confirm her find.

Everyday, Sara Beth develops her exploring abilities.  Typically, this ends in a mess. This past week, she grabbed Heather's makeup and began to apply foundation it to her face.

While I cleaned up in the kitchen, Sara Beth decided that her car needed a new paint job.  And while she was at it, she wanted some tatoos.  Five minutes later, I come into this scene in the playroom.

I helped her wash her car off, and then explained to her that the markers were for the art easel only.  She accepted that with some trepidation, but when she finished her latest creation, I took a picture and praised her efforts in an attempt to convince her that art within designated boundaries is so much better.

The day before, she watched as Heather and I washed the van.  Once we were done with the buckets, Sara Beth began to walk around the front yard with the buckets and their sloshing contents.  I had the overwelming urge to hum Dukas' "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."  As an asside, while writing this post, I decided to find the song to listen to in the background and found that Jerry Bruckheimer is making a full length live action movie based on the story that will come out on my birthday.  The trailer for it didn't have any classical music in it; I think I'll pass on watching it.

This past Sunday was the first Easter that Sara Beth has been old enough to appreciate.  We gave her an Easter Basket with some coloring books, a book with Bible stories in it, and some plastic eggs with candy in it.  I think Sara Beth got a little too much sugar that afternoon.

And of course, is any little girl's Easter really complete without an Easter Dress?  Of course not.

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