Monday, April 19, 2010

Sing along

In a previous post, I mentioned that Sara Beth has begun to warm up her singing voice. Not only will she repeat the Happy Birthday song, she will now sing along with the CD we play for her in the car, and also will try to make a chorus out of her bed time songs, however she doesn't have all the words down yet.  When I sing "I'll be", she repeats "Ha-ppy" with a pronunciation that make the two sound similar.   

Sara Beth and her friend Adriana love to play.  Sara Beth will remind me to mention "Nana" in her night time prayers.  Below is a picture of them this past week playing dress-up together.  They were both running on the tile floor making good clip clop noises laughing the whole time.

Every time Heather goes near a closet door, Sara Beth asks to go in, whether it is the gift closet, the hall closet, or the pantry.  But more than any other, Sara Beth likes our bedroom closet.  And this is why: shoes, clothes, and small excersize balls.  To her, they are all her personal play things.  She never picks matching shoes.

As a treat, some Saturdays, we will go down to the donut shop and pick out something good to eat for breakfast.  Sara Beth looks in the windowed display and pointed at the pink sprinkled one.  She eats only the part that has frosting on it and will leave the unsugared dough uneaten.

Sara Beth loves her Bible stories when she goes to bed at night.  Sometimes we read to her, other times, she wants to read by herself.  Reading by herself consists of flipping the pages and pointing out the trees, and clouds, and any animal she recognizes.

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