Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sara Beth Gone Wild

I think the picture speaks for itself.

Anyways, Sara Beth has been getting a lot of gummy bears recently.  Whenever she asks to use the bathroom, then we allow her to get a treat.  And almost every time, she will ask for gummy bears.  I have to quickly re-attach her diaper after she empties her bladder as she as a tendency to hop off of the potty and sprint to the pantry for her treat as soon as she is finished doing her business.   It is a very promising start to the whole potty training thing.

Sara Beth's birthday approaches like a bullet train.  We sent out the invitations this weekend, and by we, I mean Heather.  My Aunt Sue has already sent Sara Beth a gift in the mail.  Sara Beth looked at all the books with interested after tearing through the paper.

And then like any kid, she decided that the wrapping paper was too good to waste, so she brings it over to her table and starts to color pictures on it.

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