Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sitting at the table

Sara Beth has decided that she is no old enough to sit at the table without a booster seat.  In part, she will now always ask to sit in Heather's or my lap instead of her seat.  We tell her no because we are mean ... and also because it is messy: her food gets in our laps and my food gets in her hair.  When we offered a compromise, her sitting in a chair with out her booster, she accepted.  Her mouth is about the same height as the table, but she seems to enjoy sitting in a seat just like the adults.

Her hair has grown to the point that it can now be put in a full ponytail.  It is amazing how much more grown up she looks with all her hair pulled back.

My parents came down this weekend and brought presents with them.  Sara Beth has a tendency to tear up books into their component pages, so we have worked hard to emphasize that we need to be careful and not tear pages.  Needless to say, she got confused when we told her it was ok to rip the wrapping paper off.

Once the wrapping paper was off, she got down to business and started looking at all her new books and puzzles.  She helpfully identified the dump truck for Grandpa.

Heather was working outside on the flowerbeds, weeding and cleaning up.  Of course, Sara Beth loved playing outside too. Our yard is rather bumpy and we regularly use fill dirt to even out the yard.  Sara Beth got down and scientifically analyzed one of the larger spots that had fill dirt in it.

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