Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures

Happy Easter everyone! We got all dressed up for Church on Sunday in bright colors, as is deemed appropriate for the holiday. Sara Beth wore a smocked dress made by Heather's aunt.

Sara Beth refused to take a picture without including her doll, Emma Rose, in it as well. It took several tries to get a picture where she was 1) Smiling, 2) Not sucking her thumb, and 3) Not holding Emma Rose in front of her face.

I'm not really one that does holiday celebrations. Heather put together Sara Beth's Easter basket without any involvement from me, but aside from that there wasn't really any Easter type paraphernalia around the house. School, on the other hand, appears to go all out for the holiday, and Sara Beth came home last Wednesday like this.

I attempt to add posts to this blog on a weekly basis, but for those of you that are keeping a close watch will notice I skipped last week. We were recovering from a trip. I decided that it would be a good idea to take a 4 day weekend and drive to Georgia to see my great aunt Alma. She is an amazing woman who has great stories to share (ask Heather about the worm story as that is her favorite). And for this extended 96 hour weekend, we decided that it would work best to drive the 14 hours to get there. After you include the time driving around town, that adds up to around 1/3 of the entire weekend spent in a minivan. And that is 1/3 of ALL hours, not just waking hours. I probably should have thought that one through a little more. Sara Beth handled it as well as can be expected, but she did have some trouble smiling for the 4 generation picture that we were trying to take.

With enough patience, we eventually got a good one.

My parents came with us on the trip, and we took their van. Sara Beth loved all the fancy options that our vehicle lacks. Her favorite, by far, was the automatic doors. She got quite a kick out of pressing the button to open and close the door. And the open and close them again, and again. She got in trouble quite a few times playing with the door buttons. Their car also has all sorts of neat compartments that our car lacks.

My great aunt has some roses growing in front of her house. Sara Beth loves to pick flowers and asked if she could pick a rose for mommy to add to her dandelion collection. I said no, but I did tell her she could smell the flower instead.

Finally, I know I mentioned that Heather and Sara Beth are feeding Little Bit strawberries. I suspect that cat has become a berry addict, but they continue to feed that cat's habit.

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