Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Story Time

Most nights, at bed time we give Sara Beth a bed time story. And then Sara Beth will ask to give us a story next. One night, Sara Beth proceeded to tell Heather the following story:

"Jesus was walking on the water. Then a shark came up and went CHOMP on Jesus' legs. Then Jesus went to shore where there were monkeys in a tree eating bananas. They gave Jesus a band-aid with a picture of Dora on it, which made his legs all better."

Summer is approaching quickly. Sara Beth's school put on an end of the year singing recital. Sara Beth performed wonderfully, singing at the top of her lungs. But for one song, they were hitting sticks together in time with the music and I sat in my seat cringing as Sara Beth enthusiastically swung her wooden blocks mere inches from her neighbor (the picture below was taken at the beginning of the song before Sara Beth started to get more in the groove and more energetic).

After the recital, Sara Beth's teachers wrapped up scrap books for each of the children chock full of pictures from her year in the mother's day out program. There were identical packages on the table with kids names on them. Sara Beth recognized which of the labels was her name and correctly selected her scrapbook. She then wanted to review it with us several times, and pointed out all the things she was doing when the picture were taken.

I don't wear normal shoes. I wear Vibram Five Finger shoes, that basically look like gloves for your feet. I love them and their comfortable feel, but they do have a tendency to make my feet dry out. I don't mind dry feet, but whenever Sara Beth notices the callouses in them, she becomes concerned about "daddy's dry feet." Not wanting to waste an opportunity, I gave Sara Beth some lotion and told her she could rub it into my feet. She does give a great foot massage, for a two year old. She then went on to tickle Heather's feet.

One evening, we sat down to play with play dough. I got some shape molds out and began to form creatures. Whenever I got a completed form out of a mold, Sara Beth wanted it so that she could cut off the excess pieces.

We are still working on smiling for the camera. This was right before going to her recital. Her excitement definitely comes through in the picture.

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