Saturday, June 23, 2012

Holding things

Hudson has become fully mobile. Not exactly crawling but he can get where he wants to go by rolling around. Heather called me last Friday to let me know that for the first time, Hudson preferred to be rolling around on the ground instead of being held by Heather.
Of course, he is still figuring out how the world works, so he regularly will pull over Sara Beth's toys. We have started working with Sara Beth to remind her that if she does not want Hudson to chew on one of her toys, then she needs to keep them off the floor and in her room.
Sara Beth saw some small rabbits in our backyard. When she went to go pet them, they ran under our hot-tub. She wanted to feed the bunnies, and I told her that they might be living under the hot tub. She became very excited and thought that they were "so cute". She brought two leaves of lettuce and some carrots and put them next to the tub. The next morning there were nibbles on it and by that evening, they were gone. She will now regularly ask for lettuce and go place it outside.

Sara Beth has become strong enough to pick up Hudson. She was almost able to carry him over to the rocking chair and begin to rock him. We had to help as she scooted into the chair since, by then, her grip had slipped and her arms were wrapped around Hudson's neck. Hudson didn't seem to mind as he got to be near his big sister. He is a tough little kid. At one point we were in the back yard, and I was helping Hudson stand in the grass, when I looked down and saw ants swarming and biting his foot, but he didn't even seem to notice.

Despite worries of Hudson chewing on her stuff and pulling her hair, Sara Beth does enjoy playing with Hudson. She had a friend over yesterday and they invited Hudson to come play with them. They reassured Heather that they would pick up the small toys so Hudson would not choke on them, and that they would not let him escape.

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