Friday, July 6, 2012

The little shutterbug's Alabama adventures

At our church, I help out with the youth group. This past week, they were going on a mission trip, however I didn't want to just leave Heather and the kids by themselves for the whole week. I know Heather could have handled it, but it wouldn't have been fun for anyone involved. When Cindy and Dennis heard about the youth mission trip, they thought the same thing, and volunteered to drive all the way from Alabama to Dallas to pick up Heather and the kids to take them back to Alabama for the week. Even though I was with a group of 39 junior high and high school students working all day, staying up late, and then getting up early the next morning, I got more rest than I would normally get in a week. Hudson has been teething like crazy and just got his 6th tooth. High school students don't wake you up in the middle of the night with sore teeth.
Sara Beth was a little shutterbug the entire trip. On my computer, I have a folder of pictures from the trip. 80% of them are from Sara Beth. With all the practice, her pictures are getting better. Most of the time, you can determine what subject Sara Beth of the picture was intended to be.
And some of the pictures that Sara Beth took were very good. Below is one she took of Hudson. Hudson will always smile for the camera if his favorite sister is taking the picture.
Heather and the kids went to see her Dad and Assi on a couple nights that week. Sara Beth had a great time picking tomatoes out of their backyard garden, and she commented that they were sweet like candy.
While over there, Sara Beth got a hold of the camera and made sure we got some pictures of her granddad's dogs.
One day, Heather and the kids went out to visit her cousin, Martha Worth, who has a stable full of horses. Sara Beth got to brush them, wear a cowgirl hat, and even got to ride one around (with some help).
Another day, Heather, Dennis, and the kids went to Dennis' brother's place. He doesn't have horses, but he does have donkeys and cows. The animals love to eat bread, so Sara Beth got to feed it to them from her hand.
Hudson, on the other hand, kept trying to eat the donkey's ear.
After driving with Heather back to Dallas, Cindy and Dennis stayed a day before turning around and returning back to Alabama. Sara Beth played all day with "Mr. Crab". Dennis' hand was a crab, and Sara Beth had the take good care of it to make sure it didn't get too crabby.
Hudson, on the other hand, was held, but he was on the lookout for something to stick in his mouth.

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