Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fever, frogs and feline toys

Hudson is a very happy little guy. He is full of smiles and energy (and drool). Except this past weekend, he came down with a fever. We kept his temerature under control with Tylenol, but he just wasn't himself, preferring to snuggle up close to us and be held tight. He woke up a couple nights in the middle of the night too, which just reminded Heather and I how grateful we are to be out of the infant stage. Fortunately, the fever has broke and he is returning to his normal smiling (and drooling) self.
 I don't exactly know how we got a new cat toy in the house. Our cats are rather lazy and don't really play with the toys that they already own. Sara Beth, on the other hand, thought that the new toy was great, and she pretended to be a cat and carry the toy in her mouth, pretending to chew on it.
 Hudson chortled  when he was tickled with the new toy. We didn't let him play with it unsupervised though, since, while Sara Beth would merely pretend to chew it, we knew that Hudson would put real effort into getting the colorful bits into his stomach.
 It rained briefly one afternoon last week. We took advantage of the opportunity and took the kids down to the nature trail to walk around. Sara Beth brought her bucket and bug net. Heather caught four frogs with the net and put them in Sara Beth's bucket. She brought them home and released them into our backyard. Two of them were rather tame and just sat around in Sara Beth and Heather's hands until it was time to go in for baths.
 Hudson has gotten to the point where he can start eating new foods. I gave him the soft parts of some popcorn we where having as part of dinner one night. He absolutely loved it and eagerly begged for more. When Sara Beth tried giving him some of her popsicle, he didn't know what to think. He liked the colors on it, but he didn't really care for the temperature of that frozen treat.
Sara Beth got a new dress in the mail from Aunt Doodle. She decided it looked like a fairy wedding dress, and she wore it to church on Sunday.

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