Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Save and a haircut

Well, the big news of the week is huge. On Sunday night, as I was putting Sara Beth to bed, she mentioned off-handedly, "last week during one of my quiet times, I asked Jesus into my heart." It was a proud father moment that I am still not able to accurately articulate. Being able to not only call her my daughter but also a sister in Christ is an amazing thing. She understood the basic concepts of what it meant, but we still have a long way to go in instructing her on what her decision means, but it is definitely a miraculous first step. And the fact that she did it of her own initiative makes me just that more proud of her.
On a more lighthearted note, the time has come for Hudson to get a hair cut. He had gotten to the point where baby boy's hair begins to need some differentiation to be separate from baby girl hair. Heather and Sara Beth were a little hesitant, but I went ahead and made a unilateral decision to cut it back down to a respectable length.
After it was all said and done, Heather did concede that it did look better, even though Hudson was no longer "fuzzy." Sara Beth still thinks it looked better longer.
Poor Catta. Sara Beth has fully determined that cat is fully hers, and that it ought to sleep in bed with her every night too. So, she will now chase the cat around the house, grab it, and snuggle it while carrying it back to her bedroom. She will then lock Catta in there to make her used to being there. Heather and I have explained that Catta needs to go to the bathroom at some point so she can't keep the cat in there all the time. To help Sara Beth, we bought some cat treats and gave them to Sara Beth to keep in her sock drawer. She will now give out cat treats every night at her bed time as long as the door remains open.
Sara Beth loves to care for people too, not just cats. She will feed Hudson whenever we give her the opportunity. Last week, I was tired and ready to take a nap. When Sara Beth found out about this, she decided to make an "extra comfy" bed out of the couch for me. She added all manner of pillows and got a blanket and had be lay down and tucked me in.
Hudson loves his food. He has really gotten into this whole eating thing. I cannot tell if watermelon or strawberries is his current favorite. In either case, if he sees either one on the table, then he will throw a fit until he gets it in his hands.
Hudson still is not yet crawling, but that doesn't prevent him from making a huge mess around the house. Heather put him down beside the bathroom while she was drying her hair this morning, and he rolled around the couch and starting playing under our bed. When we place him in the play room, he spread around any toys that are on the carpet, then roll over to a toy bin, and knock it over so that he can get to more toys.
This does lead to some funny situations once he gets into Sara Beth's pink princess dresses. 
Yesterday was my 31st birthday. We celebrated with the traditional spaghetti and carrot cake. Heather also got me enough cans of coconut juice to last a while. I also got some swim goggles as a present, though Sara Beth blurted out the details about it over the weekend (much to Heather's chagrin).

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