Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food and the Fair

 For Hudson, food is serious business. He eats nearly as much as Sara Beth, but he does it with intensity. He will slurp and smack oblivious to the noises. He can now hold a cup on his own, and is getting better at actually drinking out of it.

Like his sister and father, I think his favorite food might be spaghetti. We stripped him down to his diaper before giving him a bowel of it. Not many noodles escaped his mouth, though he did smear the sauce all over the place.
Sara Beth used to love staring at the TV when she was a baby. Hudson will sit and watch TV with a vacant expression on his face for a short time, but he likes the interactive electrical toys that blink much more. Whenever he sees me using my cell phone or iPad he will crawl over and try to grab it out of my hands.
One day, when my parents were over, Sara Beth asked to play candy land. Some previous times, she has been caught cheating, and then will go pout when we call her out on it. But this time she won both times, without even cheating.

We went to the state fair this past weekend. Sara Beth got to go around and perform chores on a simulated farm. We also got to sit in different shows at the car show. Sara Beth preferred to sit in the back while Hudson sat in my lap in the front seat and "drove" the car.
She had a good time with all the sights and sounds at the fair. She pointed out the people on all the really high rides, though I don't think she was interested in going on it herself.
While we are packing up the house for the big move to the new place, Sara Beth has decided to open up a book store in our living room. She will announce that the book store is now open then tell us about the specials that the store is offering. Most of the time, her prices are around ~$80, but sometimes she will have a book on sale for just $1.
Sara Beth is growing bigger, but she is still small enough that I can do all the fun gymnastic flips with her. Well, either she is small enough, or I am strong enough. Either way, she loves to hang upside down or do big jumps where I help her jump 6 feet into the air.
Sara Beth has said off and on that she wants her ears pierced. When she turned 4 and got all her vaccination shots, she decided getting poked by metal was not fun and she wanted to wait a while. Yesterday, she decided she was ready, so we go to the store, she picks out the ear rings, sits in the seat, and then as the store clerk comes at her with the gun, she decides that she is not ready yet. Fortunately, she has a good collection of screw back earrings from her great grandmother that work just fine on un-poked ears.
Hudson is definitely getting more mobile. He can pull himself upright, and is now easily able to explore cabinets. He also likes to close doors behind him, so if you are not watching closely, he can easily disappear from sight.
No place is safe from Hudson's inquisitive reach, including Sara Beth's dress up bin. Hudson loves the fire fighter hat.

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