Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Returning to normalcy

Sara Beth definitely takes after her mother. This past week she decided to do some organizing after we put the house in disarray for stagging. So she organized her sock drawer and the dish cabinets. Not to be outdone, Hudson "reorganized" the tupperware cabinet, but the results were not as spectacular. 
She also organized and reorganizes her princess table. Now that Hudson can pull himself up, we have to make sure he doesn't go into her room unsupervised and pull down everything from her table.
 Sara Beth and I ran a 5k over the weekend. And by ran, I mean walked. Except when we passed by any spectators that were cheering. At those times, Sara Beth sped up and sprinted past them, basking in the praise from the cheering crowd. By the time we had finished the race, she didn't want to do any more 5k races for a while. Instead, when we came home, she rode "word horse" around the house so she could rest her feet.
We went to the Plano balloon festival. When I initially mentioned that we were going, Sara Beth wasn't interested in going. I had to invoke executive privilege and insisted that we were all going. Once we got there and she saw the balloons, she change her opinion. She decided to ride on my shoulders and watch the balloons launch from there, but she was not interested in getting close. The large flame that heats the air in the balloons did roar, and she had no desire to be near that.
Hudson, on the other hand was just glad to be outside at the festival. His love of being outdoors keeps growing. If we are carrying him around the house and get near an outside door, he will get very excited. When we don't use the door, he will fuss and look longingly back at it.

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