Friday, February 8, 2013

Baby free

Hudson has progressed from a baby to a full fledged toddler. He can now walk around, and the stairs are no longer an obstacle for him. He can squat down and pick something off the floor without falling over. He slides down the stair steps feet first and can get down faster than Sara Beth. This does mean that we have had to redouble our efforts to toddler proof the house. He has developed a habit of throwing anything that is not bolted down into the kitchen trash can, causing us to start locking the lid. He now moves to the bathroom and will try to raise the toilet lid if we are not watching him. I predict it wont take long until we have to call a plumber to toilet clogged by something Hudson threw in.
Sara Beth and I have been working on building a model rocket that we can launch. Sara Beth provided the paint job. What initially started as pink and purple flames at the bottom of the rocket slowly progressed to cover the entire thing and now the metallic silver base coat is barely visible. We left the rocket to dry on the table and Heather had to fish it out of the kitchen trash can a couple hours later after Hudson has passed through the kitchen.

Now that Hudson is standing up, he can get into Heather's desk drawers. He will spread all the paper clips and rubber bands all around the floor.
Sara Beth decided one evening that Hudson wanted to try some of her chocolate dessert. He enjoyed it, but nothing would distract him from his primary mission at the moment: rearranging the tupperware cabinet.
Hudson loves drinking other people's drinks. Especially Heather's. If he sees a glass of tea or water sitting on the counter, he will reach for it and will not be satisfied until he gets it.
We put a gate at the top of the stairs to prevent Hudson from going downstairs unsupervised when we are not able to monitor his every move. He has started attempting to climb the gate and can pull himself off the ground, though, fortunately, he has not actually been able to climb over it yet.
One of our friends gave us a new triple story cat scratching post. Sara Beth decided that was her new doll house. The cat's climbing holes became the indoor swimming pool. It had an elevator and was able to contain mermaids and horses along with regular Barbie dolls. I moved it behind the couch out of the way once Sara Beth started climbing on top of it and jumping off though.
We have recently replaced our dish washer. The old one was way too small and noisy. After installing the new one, Sara Beth requested that we bring up the dishwasher box up to add to her collection. There is a small hole in the side of it, and both children love playing peek-a-boo through it.
I'm not sure I can fully describe what is going on here other than to say Sara Beth is pretending to be a fairy-princess-cowgirl.
Aunt Sue came to visit and it was close enough to her birthday that we celebrated with a cake. Aunt Sue asked Sara Beth to help blow out the candles. Sara Beth knows that her Great Aunt Sue loves books as much as she does. Every night she asked Aunt Sue to read to her before she went to bed.
Sara Beth decided that she was going to make her own secret drink. It consisted of water, brown sugar, licorice jelly beans, and some other unknown ingredients. I didn't taste any, but everyone who tried it said that they had never tasted something like it before.
One night, as I tucked Sara Beth to bed she asked, "Daddy, did I get any spankings today?" "No," I responded, "Why?" "Well, if my bottom didn't get spanked, then it will sing na-na-na-na-na, rock band!" I agreed with her that a spanking free day is certainly something to celebrate.

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