Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter and the zoo

Ah, the traditional Easter holiday picture. This was actually the best of 5 pictures I tried taking. Hudson was too busy exploring and, didn't want to be held back. After church, and moving them back into regular play clothes, Heather took a look at the photos I snapped and then turned to me and asked, "Why didn't you just take a picture of them separately?" I wish I would have thought of that earlier.

We got a Easter care package from Heather's mom, full of goodies for the kids. Sara Beth modeled all the items as she took them out of the box.
One of the items in the care package was some of the marshmallow rabbits. When Hudson saw them, he wanted to stick it in his mouth immediately. Heather gave him one, but once he put it in his mouth, he wasn't as certain about whether he actually wanted to eat it or not.
Sara Beth got to do an Easter egg hunt at the church the week before Easter. She and I practiced looking for eggs afterwards. First, I would take the eggs that she found at the church and hid them around the down stairs and then she would look for them. And then we reversed roles, where she would hide the eggs and I would look for them. After going back and forth, I had used all the easy hiding spots and had to get creative to keep her from finding all of them immediately. I also put to use my height advantage, though I did help her reach when she noticed them peaking out from ledges 7 feet in the air.
Heather and Sara Beth brought out their creative side and made some bunny cakes to celebrate as well. They turned out really well, and the white coconut one was delicious. ( I was not interested in the chocolate one at all)
When Hudson got his hands on the cake, he agreed that it tasted as good as it looked.
Hudson got some sun glasses in his easter basket. He thought they were the coolest thing ever, for at least a minute. He then left them on the floor and I haven't seen him touch them sense.
Heather had some extra spinach lying around in the fridge and a recipe for a spinach smoothie. And just like anything else that Heather makes, Hudson thought it was delicious. Between Hudson and Sara Beth, nearly the whole drink was gone before Heather got to it.
It is that weird time of year where some days it is really warm and others it is really cold. Heather took advantage of one of the warm days to go to the zoo. When I got home from work, Sara Beth told me all about the giraffes that came right up to her.
Hudson didn't mention the giraffes either, but I suspect he had a good time. He slept well that night.
Whenever Sara Beth and Heather get together to cook something, Hudson always wants to help too.
Whenever we have a popcorn, cheese and fruit dinner, Hudson is now much more able to eat without making a huge mess. We still have to be nearby as he does have a habit of trying to knock over the popcorn bowel, but everything that he grabs out of the bowel will now go in his mouth.

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