Friday, April 19, 2013

Well that could have gone better

I had a good idea. Sara Beth likes our 3 cats, but they are apprehensive of her. So Heather and I were sitting down one night when I realized a clever solution: get her a kitten that doesn't know any better and will willingly subject itself to constant affection and attention. I convinced Heather that this was a good idea, so last Wednesday, Heather and the kids go to the local animal shelter and get Opie.
You couldn't have asked for a sweeter cat. Opie loved attention, but unfortunately, Sara Beth was allergic to him, and he loved to mark his territory. Sara Beth got all stopped up the day that he came home. Giving him a bath didn't really fix things, though he had not problems with taking a bath. He meowed at the top of his lungs from 2am to 8am every day, like any good kitten should. I'm sure he would have eventually stop peeing on things (probably when the entire house smelled like cat urine), but I didn't want Sara Beth to have a stuffed nose or be on allergy medicine for the next 14 years. Sara Beth was devastated when Heather broke the news to her, but she did recover.

Hudson loves getting himself into things. If he is placed in a room with 100 child's toys and one delicate glass figurine, he will make a b-line straight to the breakable object. He also likes splashing in puddles too.
Sara Beth had a rodeo party at her school so she dressed up for it. We even borrowed a bandanna from our neighbor to complete her cowgirl outfit.

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