Friday, May 17, 2013

Spoons and Graduation

Hudson has decided that he no longer is a baby. He will refuse to be spoon fed his meals, and will insist on using the spoon himself. It doesn't really matter to him whether the food actually gets in his mouth, as long as he has the spoon in his hand. We have worked around the issue by letting him have a spoon, and then feeding him with a second spoon which stays under our control.
There was a party at the church, and after we were done, I got to bring all the Helium balloons back to my house. Sara Beth enjoyed playing with them and Hudson was ecstatic to wander around the house with all of them. Heather said there were challenges getting them to share.
Today is Sara Beth's last day of preschool. After this summer, it is on to kindergarten. She is definitely ready to go, and we are definitely looking forward to not paying preschool tuition.
Without a kitten to call her own anymore, Sara Beth tries really hard to convince Catta to be Sara Beth's own cat. Most of the time Catta will run away and avoid her, but sometimes, she will give in and allow herself to be carried around the house and loved on. Sara Beth absolutely loves those moments.

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