Monday, August 19, 2013

Last days of summer

Summer in Texas can typically be described with one word: HOT. But this year, it is still in the middle of August, and it is actually pleasant outside. We have been regularly going for walks as a family after dinner and the temperature is only in the low 90s.

That doesn't mean we cannot take advantage of the fun summer time activities, like ice cream cones. We have a box of them in the freezer that Sara Beth uses for her dessert almost every day. If Hudson sees his sister getting one, he will demand that he receive one too. Fortunately, since he is not as efficient as Sara Beth, once he is done licking it, I put his cone in a plastic bag and throw it back in the freezer. That way, his one cone will last about three desserts and it is less mess for Heather and I to clean up.
Every morning, when Hudson gets up, he will ask for his chewable vitamin and his tooth brush. He continue to say "Brush" until we comply with his request. He will then stick it in his mouth or carry it around in his hand for the next half hour regardless of whatever else is happening. For example, we are getting ready to go the the pool on Saturday, and even though Hudson has been changed into his swim trunks and slathered in sunscreen, the tooth brush is still firmly in the grip of his teeth.
Heather's cousin Allison asked if Sara Beth wanted to come up sometime to see her horse. The answer was obvious, so one evening, Sara Beth and Heather took the van up to Melissa to visit the horse "Ready." Sara Beth was initially apprehensive, but quickly warmed up to the idea of riding the horse.
Up there, she also got to combine her two of her favorite things: horses and cleaning!
Occasionally, Sara Beth will ask if she can play my guitar. I will always let her, as long as she asks first. This time, she asked as I was heading out the door to go to help out with the youth group at church, so I wasn't there to correct the fact that she is holding the guitar upside down.
Sara Beth and Hudson love to help with cooking in the kitchen. I think Hudson is mostly just happy that he gets the step stool all to himself and doesn't have to share it with his sister.
Next week, Sara Beth begins her first day of Kindergarten. She got a call from her teacher last week welcoming her to the class. This Thursday is meet the teacher night at the school. Sara Beth is becoming excited about it.

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