Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First week of school

Well, last Monday was the first day of Kindergarten for Sara Beth. Her school starts at 7:30 and so we needed to get her up around 6:15 so she would be up, dressed, and ready to go by 7:05. Well, Heather got a debilitating case of some flu like disease over the weekend, so I took off Monday to take Sara Beth to her first day of school. I was not emotionally prepared to send her off. I had to choke back tears of pride and sadness when I dropped her off in her classroom. I had kind of prepared myself for her going to Kindergarten, but I didn't think I would have to be the one that would actually be taking her. I wore my sunglasses into the classroom so she didn't notice I was tearing up.
That first Monday, when I went into her room to wake her up, she popped right up and got herself dressed. On Tuesday morning, she took quite a bit longer to wake up, I had to help her get dressed, and when I brought her down for breakfast, she fell back asleep on the carpet by the back door.
Hudson has been gaining all sorts of new skills to allow himself to get into new kinds of trouble. He has realized that he can push chairs around the kitchen and then use them to climb on top of the counters and tables. He can also climb on top of his changing table; we are looking to get that out of his room and replace it with some less climbable "big boy" furniture. Also, Hudson found out how the toilet paper roll works. 

Not all his new tricks are destructive or dangerous though. Whenever he steps out into the backyard, he will immediately walk over to the bubble juice while repeatedly saying "Bubble." A big grin will spread across his face when he successfully blows a bubble all by himself. 
When inside, he is obsessed with oral hygiene. If you ever mention the word "brush" as in "I need to brush my hair," he will start repeating the "brush" word and run to the bathroom to pick up a toothbrush or two for his teeth. Sometimes you don't even need to say the word. Some days, a bathroom run to grab his brush(s) is the first place goes when I get him out of his crib in the morning, and it is also the last thing he does at night after you get his pajamas on for bed.
Sara Beth rediscovered her Christmas Carol piano book this past week. The book comes with a color coded piano keyboard along with a color coded musical score for several carols. She was practicing some of them and was good enough to produce a recognizable tune. She even played some tunes for her stuffed horse, which was in the hospital with a cast on its leg.

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