Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ice Cream and Teeth

Well, summer appears to be taking its time to come to Texas this year. It has been rather pleasant outside for the past several weeks. We decided to go out for ice cream after dinner one day. Hudson excitedly chose the green ice cream in a code. He did well, until he decided he wanted to bite a hole in the side of his cone. I, of course, went with the tried and true vanilla.
 Sara Beth and Heather carefully at their ice cream with much less mess. Sara Beth has begun the process of loosing her baby teeth. The lower right front tooth has progressively gotten more and more loose over the past couple weeks. She has had to chew her food with more and more care as the tooth becomes less and less attached. This past week she made the comment that she can make her tooth act like a draw bridge.
Hudson has been able to say the word "no" for quite a while, and will yell it quite forcefully if prompted, but for the longest time, if he agreed with a question, he would just nod his head. Now, when you ask him a question, he will say "Ummmm, yeah."

A couple Sundays ago, we sat down for our regular popcorn, cheese and fruit. Hudson went over to the strawberries and took a bite out of each one and put them back in the bowl after he had marked it for later consumption.
Heather and I have been working hard (with the assistance from my Dad) to get our yard into a more cultured state. Last year the grass was still choked out by all the weeds. This year, we have, mostly, got the weeds under control, and so I moved on to begin pulling out all the wild grass so that only the bermuda grass is in the yard. Sara Beth and Hudson got into the spirit too and began pulling out large handfulls of grass and raking them into piles to put in their green bucker. Hudson kept trying to mess up Sara Beth's raked pile though.
My parents have a garden in their backyard that is rather picturesque this time of year. Instead of going out into a random field in Woodbridge to get the standard bluebell pictures, we can take the photo in their backyard
For Easter, Heather's aunt, uncle, and cousins came over to our house for a big lunch. We did an easter egg hunt for them. I placed Hudson's eggs out in the open and Sara Beth's were hidden a little more. She had to go back and forth several times before she found all the pink eggs I had hidden in the flower bed. The kids are finally old enough that we could sit on the front porch and talk while watching them play in the front yard without having to break conversation every few minutes to pull the kids out of the street. Dare I say it? Parenting is becoming a little easier.

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